Professional Certificate in Strategic Health Planning

Day One

09:00 Registration and Refreshments
09:45 Welcome and Introductions
10:00 Your Leadership and Management Roles
Identifying current challenges in your roles and how the agenda will assist you to overcome your challenges
10:30 Management and Leadership and their Differences
What do leaders do that is different to managers?
Applying behavioural theories of management and leadership
Leadership styles and their relevance to different situations and contexts
11:30 Morning coffee
11:45 Different Types and Styles of Leadership and Underpinning Theories
Typology of five decision-making styles
Examining the relevance for delegates’ leadership and management
Developing principles of authentic leadership
13:15 Lunch
14:00 Key personal characteristics, motivations, behaviours and skills of leaders
What makes a good leader and role model to you?
Are you a role model?
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:15 Defining the key competences for leaders and managers and what that means for your development and the development of those who work for you.
Identifying competencies and key competency frameworks

Day Two

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Welcome and Recap
10:00 Culture
What is it?
Analysing the culture in an organisation and in your organisation
Management culture
Leadership culture
Impact of culture on people management and project outcomes
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 The Role of a Leader and Manager in Communicating a Vision – and Why it Matters
Vision, mission and goals
Impact of a leaders’ vision on people management and motivation
12:45 Lunch
13:30 How Leaders Communicate their Message Effectively
14:45 Afternoon Tea
15:00 Workshop: How do we instil a positive culture in the organisation?
16:00 Final Questions
16:30 Close

Day Three

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Welcome and Recap
10:00 Effective People Management
Identifying the different aspects of people management
Challenges in managing people
Techniques of effective people management
11:30 Morning Coffee
11:45 Managing Conflict in an Organisation
Identify key components present in confrontations
Recognise the different stages and signs of conflict escalation
Confront and manage tensions in the organisation
Maintain composure
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Building Leadership Resilience and Resilient Organisations
Building a culture of resilience
Strategic integrated approach
Difficulties of building organisational resilience
14:45 Afternoon Tea
15:00 Workshop on People Management
16:15 Final Questions
16:30 Close

Day Four

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Welcome and Recap
10:00 Key Concepts for Successful Innovation
Understanding the difference between vision, innovation and change
Recognising universal management and business practices that limits innovation and collaboration
11:15 Morning Coffee
11:30 Innovative Leadership
Styles of individual and collective innovation
The importance of strategic capabilities in innovation
How to be an influencer
The processes of change management
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Role of Leaders and Managers in Driving Corporate Strategy, Business Planning and Organisational Performance
Strategic tools
Scenario planning
Building organisational performance
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:15 Role of Leaders and Managers in Driving Individual Performance, Including Building Empowerment, Motivation and Trust
Employee engagement
Energising engagement
Enabling empowerment
16:15 Final Questions and Discussion
16:30 Close

Day Five

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair's Welcome and Recap
10:00 Committing to an Innovative Culture
Active innovation leadership
Examining entrepreneurial capabilities
Knowledge capture and management
Public involvement
11:00 Morning Coffee
11:15 Overview of Change Management
What is change management?
Introduction to theories of change management
Role of leaders and managers in driving change
Culture of Change
12:15 CMI Qualification: Generic Overview and Principles
Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the CMI assessment criteria
13:00 Evaluation and Certificates of Attendance
13:15 Lunch and Close