Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

I have worked for Development NGOs for most of the last 30 years, with much of the period working directly on Health, Nutrition and Population issues (HNP). I am currently Head of Global Health & Nutrition Advocacy at RESULTS UK, where we have strong policy and advocacy work on Tuberculosis, Immunisations and Nutrition as sectoral issues, and cross-cutting work on issues such as Health System Strengthening, Human Resources for Health; and development financing.

Prior to RESULTS UK, I was at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and at VSO. In these positions, I spent six years as Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, gaining strong experience in HIV/AIDS and Reproductive and Sexual Health. Following this, I spent five years as head of Advocacy at VSO, managing two advocacy programmes, the first called ‘Valuing Health Workers’ (on Health System Strengthening) and the second called ‘AIDS Agenda’ (on promoting a stronger gender awareness in HIV/AIDS Programmes, for example working in the SAIDC region to reduce the burden of AIDS care on women and girls).

During my career I worked for 3 years in Ecuador (mainly on issues around urban poverty); 3 years in El Salvador (working in a rural primary health care programme), and for 3 years in Zimbabwe (as Regional Director for Christian Aid) covering Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. At various stages of my career in development agencies, I have supported work in nearly all parts of the world, including Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia and SE Asia, and West, East and Southern Africa. As part of my work at RESULTS UK I have taken UK Members of Parliament to observe successful health and nutrition programmes in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Tanzania, and in 2015 aim to lead a delegation to Nepal and possibly Uganda.

As head of the nutrition team at RESULTS, we have been very active on debates around the Post-MDGs, and on issues of development financing. Last autumn I authored a report on Nutrition Aid Architecture. At present I am working on a policy report supporting increased domestic funding in the build up to the Conference on Financing for Development in July in Ethiopia. I spend significant time talking to health decision makers, MPs, MEPs, senior civil servants in DFID and the EC, about the importance of raising the profile (and funding) for efforts towards improved global health, including the UK’s leadership in this area.

RESULTS and the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership are amongst the foremost advocates on the issue of TB, HIV and vaccines, working to raise awareness in the UK, the EU and globally on the need for increased and strategic investment. I am on World Bank Civil Society Consultative Committee for HNP. I am also on the leadership group of ICAN (International Coalition for Advocacy on Nutrition) and ‘Action for Global Health’, a coalition of INGOs advocating for increased attention to MDG’s 4, 5 and 6. In the UK I work with various All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) and engage with a broad number of MPs and Peers from all main political parties very regularly.

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